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Elken products have managed to won the trust and love of millions of customers since 1995 . With a wide product range that extends from health care and beauty to fast moving consumer goods, Elken offers something for everyone in the family. Elken's approach to optimal health, through a four-step process based on Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) concept, is now considered as the most acceptable and effective therapy concept for modern living.

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Bio Pure KEN 1 R.O. Water Purification System

Bio Pure Ken 1 applies the innovative 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Purification System. It enables the purifier to remove almost all kinds of contaminants,includingbacteria and viruses as small as 0.0001 micron, to produce perfectly pure water.

Bio-Pure Purification System

Made of Food Grade reservoir material and airtight cover
It is a hands-free water dispenser,the design is patended
Functions are fully automated such as membrane self-cleaning, water level control, water refill and electronic shut-off
The booster pump which regulates pressure and ensure constant production is also patended

Bio Pure KEN has won 3WQA Gold Seal worldwide award.Bio Pure KEN is the only brand which was entitled to recieve an award in Asia.Reader's Digest,Malaysia has elected Bio-Pure KEN as Gold Trusted Brand for the 2 consecutive years.


Reservoir Capacity: Warmwater: 5 +or- 0.5 litres
Dimension: Width - 260 mm,Depth - 470 mm,Height - 450 mm

Bio Pure KEN 2 R.O. Water Purification System

Bio Pure Ken 2 also uses advanced 5-stage Reverse Osmosis (R.O.),likewise in Bio Pure KEN 1 R.O ).The add on advantage of Bio Pure KEN 2 R.O is that it can produces perfect water at 2 temperatures (hot and warm). The extra features are detailed below:

Bio-Pure Purification System
Instant hot water
Insulated stainless steel tank which is heat-immune
Built-in bimetal device prevents overheating
Also haschild safety featurs


Reservoir Capacity: Warmwater: 5 +or- 0.5 litres
Hotwater: 1.6 +or- 0.2 litre
Dimension: Width - 260 mm,Depth - 470 mm,Height - 510 mm,Weight - 14.8 kg