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Elken products have managed to won the trust and love of millions of customers since 1995 . With a wide product range that extends from health care and beauty to fast moving consumer goods, Elken offers something for everyone in the family. Elken's approach to optimal health, through a four-step process based on Molecular Reform Therapy (MRT) concept, is now considered as the most acceptable and effective therapy concept for modern living.

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Elysyle Skin Care


It is a new generation of high-powered skincare to flight aging at the root cause - DNA. UPII care for the skin from the DNA level,discover the miracle of youthfulness.UPII stands out especially because of the 10 Innovative Technologies and the use of Bio-Amino Complex(promotes youth proteins)


The solution for soft,smooth and supple skin!The HYDRA RICH range acts as a intense moisture revival therapy formulation that works in synergy to:


1.UV Sunscreen Face Care SPF24 PA++ & UV Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++

Elken's waterproof milk-based moisturising lotion contains squalene & titanium oxide which shields skin from harmful UV rays. Also minimises skin oxidation whilst providing moisture to skin.It can e used as a perfect base for make -up,as it's very light,non-greasy and smooth. UV Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++ gives ultimate indoor and outdoor Ultra Violet protection.

2.Facial Massaging Pack

The Special Care Facial Massaging pack increases skin firmness and restore freshness.The deep moisturising pack promotes skin metabolism and energizes cellular activities. With regular usage, elasticity of skin can be improved and restore the skin radience.

3.Facial Exfoliator

The naturally-derived ingredients is very effective to remove dead cells,resulting in minimal white-heads and black-heads leading to a healthy glow. Thus your natuaral radiance is revealed. It is free of fragrance,alcohol and paraben. Also contains Charmomile extracts to avoid skin irritation.


With Body Basics range transform your skin that is as soft and fresh as a newborn.It provides whole day hydration and vitalises skin. Soothes and calms sensitive skin,also provide protection from dehydration,dryness and irritation.Body Basics contains essential minerals which activates skin enzymes. It is also effective in reducing inflammation and allergic skin reactions. Body Basics pack includes:


Elysyle Intimate Hygiene Wash is a 5-in-1 intimate care product.It is formulated especially for ladies to cleanse, soothe, tones muscles and lighten the colour of the intimate area by reducing melanin formation.It contains Aloe vera extracts,Eucalyptus oil,Oak Gall and Lady's Mantle extracts.Intimate Hygeine very effectively prevent bacterial growth and removes bad odours along with maintaining ideal pH balance in intimate area.It contains anti inflammatory anf anti microbial properties which helps to avoid and reduce infections,soreness and irritations.