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Traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicine constitute the two major legacies for health and healing from the ancient world.The past few years have seen a dramatic rise of interest in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. These two traditional medicine systems are now established as Alternative Medicine Systems. Amar Jyoti Clinic offers both Ayurvedic and Chinese treatments.

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Poornathwa Sree Foundation

Poornathwa Sree Foundation is a registered charitable trust at RT Nagar, founded by Dr.S.M.Manjula Jagadeesh and Mrs. Manjula N. The trust is ably supported by local residents of RT Nagar, both retired and serving professionals in various walks of life.

The founders and members are committed individuals who have served the society with various activities such as assisting the underprivileged children in pursuing their education, conducting free medical camps, voluntary blood donation camps, providing a platform to various special children of different institutions in Bangalore to display their talents, apart from promoting cultural and environmental progress, specially at RT Nagar.

Our Aim:

The foundation is keen and will be focused on:

Our Request

In all these we look forward to you, we need your helping hand, your time , your moral support and encouragement and financial help-whatever that could be.
Let us do this together. There are many around who deserve better lives. May be when we leave this materialistic world, there would be a few who genuinely cry!