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Traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicine constitute the two major legacies for health and healing from the ancient world.The past few years have seen a dramatic rise of interest in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. These two traditional medicine systems are now established as Alternative Medicine Systems. Amar Jyoti Clinic offers both Ayurvedic and Chinese treatments.

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Success Stories

Dr.S.M.Manjula Jagadeesh. Has done her Integrated Medical Practitioner- B.A.M.S-Bachelor Ayurvedic Mdicine & Surgery.(5 ½) years BAMS-1  1/2 years  short course(Allopathic System). Allopathy, Naturopathiest, Yoga Trainer, Accupressurist, Rekhi Master, Pranayamma Trainer, Guasa Terapist, Molecular Reform Therapist.

Social Activity:-

1.National Integrated Medical Association Secretary Bangalore branch since 5yrs.
2.Poornathwa Sree Foundation Chair Person NGO
3.GAUCGA Assn—Joint Secratery,
4.Vishwa Veera ShivaSamsthe—Secretary—5yrs
5.F.P.A -- Treasrer
6.Sharna ShahityaSamsthe—Secretary,
7.Akhila VeeraShivaSamsthe--member
8.Elken—Leader Action Committee—Vice Chair Person
9.Fullfill PeopleAssosiation—Traserer
10.Little World—NGO—Vice-President
11.AgniVesha Ayurveda—Member.

I Dr.Manjula Jagadeesh wants people tf keep fit with less medication—Hence I treat my people using GUASA Therapy ,Pranayamma,Ayurvedic Medicine,Elkens Food supliments—wher patient recovers faster,& we can restore the damages at the earliest.

Earth—good Alkali food—vegitables,fruits
Agni---keep ur stomach clean—now constipation.

Any one comes for help I will reach them & help the most—that’s why I did start POORNATHWA SREE FOUNDATION. Any one sponsor for good cause.