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What is Gausa?
Guasa, a well-known traditional Chinese therapy, works in principle with acupressure and finger massage by employing the power of touch with a Guasa Board, which works on skin, blood, nervous and lymphatic systems to boost circulation and strengthen the body. Complimenting this therapy is the use of Guasa Lotion or Aro Guasa Oil to bring about enhanced health benefits.

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GUASATherapy is traditional Chinese therapy.

"Self-health should be managed by ourselves;
Guasa is capable of detoxifying and maintaining
health as well as cure various chronic diseases."

This is a result of accumulation of toxic residue in the system and  when left untreated results in serious health problems, which  inhibits blood circulation, nutrient absorption and which caused to pain and numbness.


“Facial therapy guasa promotes blood circulation, body metabolism, function of lymphatic system, detoxification and refines our skin complexion.”

GUASA THERAPY Testimonials

1) MrsLatha Chandrashekar—she was complaning off—sever hand pain, where she was not able to lift or fold.She was not able to wear saree, button the  blouse , wash herself after going for toilet & take bath.
    Rx:-With Guasa treatment of one day—she was very comfortable to raise, fold the hand,& she could wear her saree, buton the blouse, clean her self after toilet & take bath. Food supplements was also given to strengthen her Nervous, Circulatory & Muscular System 

2) Mr.Dayanand—complaning off—hip to thigh sever pain since 1&half year—hence could not walk or sit or getup easily, & he was advised surgery with out confirmed result. Cost was unbearable as he was driver.
   Rx:-With 3 sitting of Guasa Therapy he can walk, stand & squat down.He was even given food supplement also.

3) Mrs.Mahadevamma—both knee pain was their since 5years-where she was not able to get up from chair or stand or walk or sit.& with different line of treatment she was not getting any improvement .Later she was advised surgery.
   Rx:-After 10 sitting of Guasa Therapy –she can walk stand & sit comfortably &even her other problem like Weakness, Back pain all has stopped. She, her family members are very happy.

4) Mrs Sarvamangala—Sever pain in both knees since 4yrs, she was not able to walk pain was continous.
 Rx:-With GuasaTherapy of 6-8 sittings —she can walk comfortably &  stopped all pain killers & she is very happy.

5) Thanvarsi—aged 50yrs had sever Migraine head ache was their since 15 yrs & she was sick of using pain killers, she was tired to get isolate from all & stay in dark, silent place. She would not allow any one to touch her head any time.
  Rx:-With convincing her Guasa Therapy was done-in first sitting she started feeling lighter & the intensity of pain reduced .With 4 more sitting of Ayurvedic Nasya karma combined Guasa Therapy & Food supliments-A.O.Max. Spirulina ,Pranayama she is leading normal life.